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What Lexus can teach you about winning million dollar clients

In this talk, Dan outlines how advisors are winning multi-million dollar clients at a time when competition for affluent clients has never been more fierce. Some of the success stories he covers: Realigning your value proposition to HNW needs Becoming the safe choice in your target community […]

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Six best practices for standout client communication

At one time, clients would be satisfied with periodic phone calls and an annual review. This talk highlights six best practices to ensure client satisfaction with communication: Why financial plans are the foundation of client communication The power of proactive calls Two minutes that pays big dividends […]

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Why everything you’ve been told about referrals is wrong … and what to do about it

Every advisor understands the importance of referrals, yet there’s no aspect of an advisor’s business that has more misinformation than what it takes to get referrals. This talk highlights new research on what drives referrals today and explains why “asking for referrals” can be counterproductive. Among other […]

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Will you be Target Stores or will you be toast? Five steps to deliver compelling value

Around the world regulatory pressures and escalating focus on fees are causing advisors to exit the industry. This talk highlights five lessons from the world of retailing, in which there have been big winners, big losers and many firms in the middle left scraping to get by: […]

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“Landing clients is like dating” … and seven other new rules for prospecting

Sales leaders at Fortune 500 companies were asked the selling skill that is the most important today compared to 20 years ago. The answer: Pipeline management, the ability to effectively communicate and cultivate prospective clients. This talk highlights eight rules for advisors to build a pipeline of […]

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Don’t be better, be different: How to narrowcast your business to thrive

Harvard Business School’s Michael Porter is today’s leading thinker on strategy. He’s written about the key trap for businesses – focusing on being better rather than being different. Using real-life examples of successful advisors, this talk helps advisor narrow the focus of their business to the right […]

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Lessons from Nobel laureates

Over the past four years, Dan has conducted video interviews with top economists and finance academics. In this entertaining talk, he uses short video clips to highlight key insights from these interviews. Among the subjects: Susan Athey (Harvard) Peter Diamond (MIT) – Nobel laureate Eugene Fama (Chicago) […]

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Well thought out and insightful
“A well thought out and insightful presentation to our Chairman’s Club qualifiers ….great response to your single-minded focus on what it takes to bring new clients on board.”
HSBC Securities
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Top rating
“Your talk set itself apart by the practical advice and fresh thinking on referrals … you got top rating from our audience”
Manulife Financial
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Fabulous talk
“A fabulous talk with great energy … you kept a tough audience engaged at the end of two long days”
RBC Asset Management
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